Not Quite Blue

It took me a month to make it into the hills. Between a new "full time" job and acclimating to this funky city in which I now live (Asheville) I just couldn't find the time for a proper escape.

The Fourth was an open window and I jumped through it. Drove way up the Blue Ridge Parkway to a popular spot called Graveyard Fields (sounds ominous, it wasn't).

Ended up hiking a few more miles than anticipated but I felt great and the weather pretty much cooperated (while eating lunch I watched huge thunderheads build on the range just to south of me).

Passed huge stretches of wild blueberries and blackberries at varying points along the trail. It was still too early in the season to harvest.

Guess I'll have to join the tourists and bears in a month or so to get my fill.

Some "not quite blue" berries.

A huge storm receding from this gorgeous valley left room for the Sun to illuminate this giant sleeping rock.