Out Of Mind

It was a quick scramble up the trail with the light fading fast. I knew I could make it to the rock overlook before dark. Arrival. Took time to sit and meditate while facing a beautiful forested valley. It was good to get out of my mind.

Owl calls rose above the canopy. Night had come.

I descended back into the valley with only my headlamp blazing the trail before me. Bats swooped in low, me ducking a couple of times for fear that my head might be mistaken for a meal.


In Remembrance

I’m still waiting for the narrative to change. Still waiting for some perspective to be brought into the dialogue. Looks like ten years isn’t enough, I’ll try back in another ten.

For now, let the flags wave, the speeches drag on and the tall tale telling continue.

We’ve made fear into a diseased blanket we drape on the shoulders of foe and friend alike.