She agreed to an interview under two conditions, that she could use a made up name and that I wouldn't take pictures of her face. She said there were men in her past, men who had abused her, who she didn’t want finding her. “Kirsten” was the name she gave me. I met her at a Tent City (for more on tent cities read this post "Grass, Sun and Shadow") moving day.

She told me about how being part of a community like Tent City had helped here to stay off drugs (heroin in her case) and find the accountability she needed. She was living at Tent City while waiting for her husband to come home from fishing season. It was March 13th, the day before Mothers Day, when I took this picture. I recorded her talking about the little girl who gave her the rose and how it made her feel. She started crying towards the end of the interview, her beautiful blue eyes brimming with tears as she recounted the kindness of that one small act.


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When she did not want her face in the photo I would have walked away, this is why you do what you do. how was your week at the cabin?

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