Brave New World

Welcome to my brave new world. One filled with new ideas, friends, places, dreams and fears.

While walking across the Ballard locks from a hurried visit to the north beach of Discovery Park I thought about what and how I would convey to you all that makes up the ins and outs of my new life. There is so much to tell. School owns me now. Three facilitators, 60 students and a barrage of books will be my world for the next 12 weeks while together we explore the world we live in through different perspectives, going far outside of the white, middle class, privileged bubble we have been taught within. The class is called The Matrix for a reason. Its about showing you that there is a very defined construct that you are born into and only you can choose to step out of that construct to see things from a different angle.

So that’s school. I attend Seattle Central Community College four days a week, four hours a day with about eight hours worth of homework thrown in for good measure to make up a grand total of 18 credit hours! That’s a lot you say trust me I know.

The Abbey. A total of four monks in residence now populate the grounds. Steven, a UW student, Skye who sows fireproof underwear for a living (her company makes most of the underwear female racecar drivers use) and Isaac, a thirty year old ex-Microsoft programmer who was recently hired on with an agency that helps to place people in suitable working environments. This is my new family. Recently we have worked on brewing beer (it will be ready to drink by Halloween, I'm thinking of calling it our “Boo-brew”), clearing out an area for a garden, attempting to rid the church of rats and trying to make the building more livable and enjoyable for those who come seeking peace within its walls. Also, within the last week their have been two amazing events held at the Abbey, one a music and art collaboration called “The Round” and the other a small get together of friends who wanted to share a trade they knew with others in order to be a blessing. Some fixed bikes, others cut hair while still others mixed drinks and served really good homebrewed beer, all done for free.

And starting Thursday I will be taking on a part-time position as busboy at a restaurant called Ivars. I will only be working weekends and mostly just to have enough money to buy some food and then put the rest away in savings (or attempt to).

So if my blog entries seem more sporadic you now understand why. If I can punch out two entries a week I think I’ll be doing good. It will be a struggle to try and put the meaning and thought into my entries as my brainpower will mostly be spent on reading books and writing papers.

With all of that happening I must say that I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in a long time. Life is amazing. Now if you’ll excuse me I must go and live it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

corey, this sounds freakin awesome, when i come home..im gonna come and see all this...it sounds great, it was good talking to you the other day, when i get some more money i will put some on my card and call you again, because that would be good. keep updating this thing,miss ya lots,

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