Shapes In The Starlight

Should I tell you of how I began pining for Seattle five minutes after my plane touched down at the busy Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, all that noise and humidity greeting me like a forgotten friend? Or maybe I could tell you of how a car ride with my dad down my favorite mountain rode brought the comfort of familiarity to a restless spirit.

No, I will tell you in a short burst of two paragraphs about the dark night, devoid of streetlight, and how it wrapped its inky blackness about my eyes with only the stars high overhead lighting the way before my rubber soled footsteps.

Two shapes, running swiftly out of the darkness and straight at me, I can hear the click of their exposed claws on the asphalt before I see their hip high heads emerge from the night. Dogs, my dogs. My heart slows down and I realize they have come to escort me back to the place I started my journey from, home. We walk back in silence, starlight illuminating the winding asphalt road that leads back to my parent’s house.

Some nights it’s good to be home.


Blogger kelsey said...

i like this.
what do i like about it?
your approach; the way you put words together; how it put a picture in my head and made me smile.
i'm glad you got to see your dogs again.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

thanks Kelsey. living in the city makes me miss my dogs. everytime i walk by someone that has a dog i want to stop and pet it. most people in the city dotn want you to pet their dogs becuase they are trying to train them to ignore the hundreds of people around them.

my dogs dont ignore me.

9:01 PM  

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