Canceled Flight and Saddam Is Dead

Some blood thirsty computer geek was waiting for the day he could design the banner for Faux news when they announced that Saddam Hussein has been hanged. If you've ever watched anything on Fox than you know what to expect from them. The media vultures have landed.

My flight out of the bible belt was canceled due to inclement weather in Texas. I heard there was the threat of tornadoes tearing our plane apart like tin foil caught in a fan blade. Now I'm stuck here with another day of suburban living ahead of me. God, i really don't like this place. You need a car to complete even the most menial of tasks. Buying food, beer or even toilet paper all require a three to four mile drive. Since back in Georgia, I've traveled more in one day than in all the days combined in Seattle.

I'm not trying to make Seattle out to be this Utopian place where all your dreams come true, I'm just not enjoying my time here in this land of distance and space.

I hope to be home tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. I miss you Seattle.

"Dont it just look so pretty,
this disappearing world."

~David Gray


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, where did you stay last night? I hope it wasn't the airport. peace, michael

5:42 AM  

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