A Betrayal Of Sorts

This time around conversations came out in spurts, awkward and inarticulate. I knew what I had to say and it sounded so good, before it left my head. The thoughts of a troubled mind are even more troubling when spoken. The air has a way of taking said thoughts and distorting them into something wholly different than intended. Spoken thoughts change from friend to foe the instant the tongue becomes involved. A betrayal occurs in this exchange.

Paul was right when he stated that, “no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” A poison that kills what was intended and instead hijacks processed ideas and turns them into a train wreck of stupidity.

Forgive me for burdening you the reader with this post. I needed an outlet for this unnamed inner struggle and you happen to be the victim of that unfiltered process.

Maybe this picture will atone for some of the preceding bumbling. My brother and I traversed the winding roads of the North Georgia mountains to bring you this postcard picture. I know its cliché, the whole winding-road-through-the-mountains feel, and lately I have allowed myself these less than creative images. Enjoy this picture that looks like many you’ve seen before.


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