4 or 5 Trees

"I was thinking about it again the other day...i'm not sure of...i can't remember the name...it was down the street from my apartment...once a month or so. It was set back from the street."

And so a song by Rachel's called 4 or 5 trees carries on in this beautiful mess of completely coherent nonsense.

A symphony of sound waves weaves its way through sound bites of a man describing a building [i suppose] and a place. It was so striking i had to share it with you.

Does it stir something inside of you? If so, what?


Blogger skye ann said...

now that you have that fidel look about you, its amazing to me how much like your mom you resemble these days. id be happy to take picturesand no, im not a lazy ass.
skye 8=
there's a skeleton for you!!

12:06 PM  
Anonymous andrea lynn sisson thabomb said...

Corey flippin Hau. I met a dude that knows you and your brother. It's pretty weird.

Hope you are well. See ya at Miz's wedding.

2:28 PM  

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