Tom Waits

So here is the man, the myth, and yes the legend. Tom Waits. My brother introduced me to him while i was making omelets in a caravan in Ireland. It was raining buckets outside while Matt poured on Waits best tunes. This guys been around since well before i was born. What have i been doing the last 26 years? How did i miss his stories?

Either way i know a bit of his story and i intend to follow it further.

I've downloaded this one song from his "Nighthawks At The Diner" album called Better Off Without A Wife. It has a hilarious line in it that goes,

"Yeah I got this girl I know, man,
she's been married several times.
And I don't wanna end up like her.
I mean shes been married so many times
Shes got rice rice marks all over her face."

Thank you Matt, and thank you Tom.


Anonymous sageplant said...

Hi Corey...my fav Waits songs are Hang on St Christopher,Franks wild years,and Way down in the hole, all off "BEAUTIFUL MALADIES"

I'm enjoying the photos alot keep em coming

1:19 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Hi sageplant, do i know you or did you just find me online?

i've only heard "Way Down in The Hole". I'll definitely check out the other two you mentioned. Right now i'm stuck on "Medley: Jack & Neal/California, Here I Come" off of Foreign Affairs and "Big Joe And Phantom 309" off of Nighthawks At The Diner.

I still cannot get over the fact that i had never listened to him up until 2 months ago. Sad.

2:33 PM  

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