The last week and more specifically the last day has probably been one of the best I've lived through. I've walked up large hills in the rain, snuck into a castle overlooking Loch Ness, drank local Scottish cask ales while listening to great stories told by new found friends, woke up hungover and happy (a strange but true combo). In general, just fully enjoyed the hell out of my life.

I would tell you more right now, maybe show you some pictures, but at 1 pound for a half hour of Internet time i cant afford to.

And now to all of you who i have met along the way i want to extend a huge thank you. Your generosity, curiosity and extreme hospitality has been just what I've been looking for and just what I've needed.

Thank you.


Blogger philter said...

sounds like good times bro. I hear that Scottish beer tastes like Shite, maybe not. Look forward to having you back and talking about your time.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Corey, sounds like your having fun. Those scottish folks are a friendly bunch and really crazy to. Love to read your comintaries.


10:53 AM  

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