Days Past

Over the next month I plan to try and write a few short stories telling of some of the experiences I've had over the last two months while traveling throughout Ireland and Scotland. I'll be editing photos and posting them when i feel compelled to. I hope you enjoy this look backwards through the last couple of months.

The following is a journal entry I wrote on the evening of October 23rd. I had stood at the edge of a field and watched car headlights plow through the misty, moonlit evening.

Standing in the moonlight waiting. Waiting for the No.15 to return from its 8:01 drop off in Comrie. No, I'm not catching the bus, I'm capturing it. I'm hijacking it's taillights, headlights and various other running lights for a scene i am trying to create.

A scene with mist covered trees, illuminated mountian tops and headlights trailing across the road below. My patience paid off and the bus came by again, this time headed for Perth.

Two more trips back and forth and the bus will have called it quits for the night, leaving travelers to devise their own way home through the darkness.


Blogger Tim T. said...

that's an amazing picture. Thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to read some of your stories. Later red-neck


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