Sunday. Tangletown. Zoka Coffee Roasters. People here, people there, people everywhere. How many can we pack in this place? You would think this was the only coffee shop in Seattle. Its cram time, end of the fall quarter final exam time, getting ready to hop on a plane, bus, train or bike to go home and see my family time. Snow turns quickly to rain. Too quickly. Seattle went from a winter wonderland to a boggy marsh in no time.

I know I’ve ingested too much caffeine when I can’t even think straight. I can’t think straight. My eyes flit from computer screen to café scene. Young women huddle together around worn wooden tables. There are men here. But they fade into the background amidst all of this estrogen.

Coffee, rich and dark, permeates the air. Lattes, espressos, drip, French press, on and on goes the list of ways to get your fix. I am now officially rambling. End post.


Anonymous germanish Dorit said...

I'd like to have a hot chocolate, please.


Sending you busy regards from the other west coast.

5:08 PM  
Blogger gerrenfish said...

You going to be in Habersham around Christmas??

5:19 AM  

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