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In recent weeks I have been assisting my neighbor Pat in remodeling his 70 year old home and loving every minute of it. Pat is this amazing guy who has been gracious enough to let me work for him and since working with him and Virgil (his brother-in-law) I have had the unique opportunity to find something that I have been in great need of, a mentor. Someone to share my thoughts with who has experienced life and can give positive and wise input back to me. Their constant encouragement has been a much-needed oasis in the desert of uncertainty that has surrounded me in the last couple of years of my life. They have helped me to realize that fear (amongst other things) has been this incredible crippling agent in my life and that I need to understand that to live is too fail, and if your not failing there is a good chance your not really living.

I have been praying and thinking (more of the latter as usual) about what the next step should be for me as my one year commitment to YWAM comes to a close in September. The last two months have been horrible for me, as I have attempted to navigate through the fear and uncertainty of what I should do in the near future and how it might turn out. In working through all of this I have realized that I suffer from a low self-image and an even lower level of confidence in myself and in how God sees me. My friend, Patrick Dodson (not the same as "neighbor Pat"), has spoken on numerous DTS's and seminars about working through your identity in Christ and the freedom that God gives you (and wants you) to use in deciding your future. Hear is a great blog entry that Patrick wrote on called But What If I Fail?

I encourage you to take the time to read through his post, his teachings have opened me up too a lot of new ideas about the way I see myself and the way God sees me. It never fails to amaze me that life can be so exciting one minute and so crippling the next. I will be taking a weeklong break in the San Juan Islands from June 1st through the 8th too pray through the future. My hope is to come home refreshed and renewed with vision for the future and peace in the present. I’ll keep you posted on how that trip goes.


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