Lucky Number 7 ?

No, I don't believe in luck but it just so happens that the title is catchy and it sums up this blog entry quite well. I have actually heard some funny stories on the origins of the word luck, not excluding the one that says luck is named after Lucifer (that's another name for Satan for those of you that don't know the fifty million names we give this twisted spirit) because the first part of the word has LUC in it, get it!!

Jeff went in for his seventh surgery at exactly 8:34 early Wednesday morning. The hour leading up to the surgery I took pictures, recorded Jeff's thoughts and felt at a loss for words. This was a major surgery. The cancer has spread so fast that the doctors said chemotherapy is not an option anymore. Jeff seemed to be ill at ease with the diagnosis.

It has been interesting (to say the least) to watch Jeff stay seemingly calm and collected as each new (and worse) prognosis is given. There is part of me that wants to believe that Jeff is at peace with everything that is happening, a strong man of God with a rock solid faith no matter what the future may hold. But there is also that other part that tells me he is scared, shaken and not as "together" as he appears. Or, perhaps your prayers for peace, grace and hope have reached Jeff in a way that my logic cannot comprehend.

Please continue to pray for Jeff. I don't know the outcome of the surgery as of yet but I will keep you posted. Here are some pictures taken just a few minutes before he went into surgery.


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Powerful... Just powerful.

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