Grass, Sun, and Shadow

Most of the day was spent shooting a story for my friend Scott Squire. He and his wife Amy have been shooting this ongoing documentary about life in Tent Cities, an organized group of homeless people that obtain legal permits to use land for large encampments. Tent Cities generally have strict rules about drug and alcohol abuse and have their own political structure, operating much like a homeless shelter and looking more like a Boy Scout camp with tents and tarps strewn about here and there. They even set up a huge "mess hall" tent fittingly called the Hilton.

But this entry wasn't supposed to be about Tent Cities, I actually just wanted a good excuse to share this self portrait I took yesterday. Mike Chang met me at the corner of 15th and 45th, from there I bought myself a piroshki (broccoli and cheese...yum!) and mike a coffee and then made our way to the grassy strip located in front of the William H. Gates library at the University of Washington. Mike waited patiently while I took pictures of grass, sun, and shadow. I'm kind of partial to the shadow.


Blogger Larph said...

hello my friend... didn't know that you were blogging around these parts.

As always, BLINDING photos.
I have much to learn from you, Corey. I especially liked the picture of the guy in the hospital bed; your pictures alrady tell stories Corey. Your words more or less frame the photo.

Oh yeah, this summer? Im leaving for England in July. Hopefully.
First time in 4 years.

later potater

2:38 PM  

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