Across The Canal

From 8:06 to 8:37 a.m. the bus helps me to descend from the hill on which I live to the city across the canal. Everyone on the bus is all business and much to busy to notice their surroundings. So I took it upon myself to record my feelings toward that brief space of time when we all come together, ride into the city and eventually disembark into the shadows of capitalism and free trade.

Observations and thoughts:

October 5th

He wrapped his arms around her patterned body. She dried the tears from her eyes and lit a cigarette. The act of crying has a euphoric release to it. The spell of numbness has been broken and you no longer feel so disconnected from the rest of humanity. Sometimes the city makes you feel more distant than any country town ever could. I think it has to do with being so close in proximity to someone yet still not speaking or even acknowledging their visible presence. The silence between two strangers that sit side by side is surely a distance greater than any country mile could produce.

October 11th

Quick, pull out your devices that suck you in. Words on pages bound up to hold it all together. There is something that binds us all together.

Little white buds fill our ears and we hear only what we choose. The masters of our own electronic dominion. The world outside is more than we can handle. But what we can handle is that new widget. Customized colors, sounds, text, you name it.

We tilt until the horizon can no longer hide the giver of light. Elongated shadows fill the spaces un-reached by the light. Three sides in the course of one rotation experience this absence of illumination; the fourth is left out permanently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me, I am Lilly, from Kyrgyzstan. Read your comment on my friend's blog and clicked on yours.
I like your stile. Insightful observations.
I study sociology, so am also interested in the world around me. As for NK, I think US are able and even might do something if NK tests their bombs. But all NK is doing, it is trying to show the world that it has power, so they might not even be very serious about testing the bomb.
Just some thoughts.
Be well.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Corey said...

Thanks for commenting Lilly. Did you find my blog through Pashas blog? What university are you studying at? Are you in Bishkek?

i would love to make it back out to Kyrgyzstan in the next year or so. I loved my time there.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The silence between two strangers that sit side by side is surely a distance greater than any country mile could produce."

This is so true ... and so sad.

7:31 AM  

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