An introverts self portrait.

I spoke with Dr. Hairston, my counselor, yesterday and he suggested much to my surprise that some of the hardship I deal with in life may be attributed to the fact that I am an introvert in an extrovert world (studies say that 70% of the world is extrovert). So after 25 years of not knowing what my temperament was I now have a glimpse into a world I didn't even know existed. He gave me a book to read, The Introvert Advantage, (I'm not a big believer in books changing peoples lives but this one is definitely doing some good for me) and the little bit I have read has made me reevaluate why I have done the things I do. It has helped me to understand that when I want to be alone it doesn't mean I am depressed or that I am running from something (although sometimes that is why I want to be alone) but simply that I need that time to recharge and collect my thoughts. Yes, this is a big discovery for me and a timely one at that since I will be leaving today for my friend Pats cabin to spend a week by myself. I'm looking forward to the peace and quite that awaits me there.

So in the spirit of introversion I took a self portrait to show you how I perceive myself. As a man standing in the background, watching everyone else live life while at the same time keeping an eye on himself.

This is a shot of my good friend Sam. I think it's one of the strongest portraits I've ever taken.


Blogger Ross O said...

Awesome, love your work.

6:11 PM  
Blogger soph's mum said...

this is an exquisite protrait of sam. you have captured him in an incomparable way.

thanks for your work, it makes me think and feeds my heart as well

9:57 PM  

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