"And i remember the days when we sang,
sang the tunes of the night
with the quiet wonder
of being so near."

~Don Chaffer

Classmates behind me as i punch out letters to form words that eventually construct themselves into sentences. Four minutes and counting. Take your seats, strap your self in, and listen. Listen to tales told of a country from a time not so long ago.


Anonymous Tamar said...

man, i miss that spring in Kyrgystan were the world seemed to stand still for just a moment and we were at peace. i miss hanging out at my apartment with you, Pash, Jenish, and Charla. life in America is draining me.


11:31 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Funny you mention that. I am feeling drained myself and i just had a lengthy conversation with a friend about how my time in K-Stan was amazing simply because i didnt feel the pressures of a capitalist culture pressing and pulling me from every side.

Good to hear from you. I think i'm still in love with Charla :)

1:41 PM  

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